My childlike 1-100 wooden board digital Montessori early childhood toys digital board

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Material: beech; Size: 21.5 * 21.5 * 1.5cm
Good hand-eye coordination also contributes to the general body coordination and balance
Creativity and imagination can promote children constantly try some new ideas to help them gradually formed an innovative thinking and constantly looking for new ways to solve problems
Help children learn by inference, to draw conclusions, including in the form of mathematical thinking, logical reasoning, scientific analysis
Enrich children's knowledge and gain more knowledge extended channels


This is a best gift to give a child, it can develop children's intelligence, including intelligence observation, memory, thinking, attention, imagination and creativity. The development of children's intelligence, can not emphasis on the culture of individual ability. The product is compact design, the combination not only convenient, but reflects the health of the product, simple, environmentally friendly design.