Fresh Thai Tamarind - 16 oz

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1 lb. Thai Sweet Tamarind
simply crack off the shell to reveal the flesh, which looks like chocolate paste . Strip off the slightly acidic vein that runs down one side of the fruit, then nibble the thick and gooey flesh off the seeds that are inside. The taste is similar to dates, with a slightly sweet and sour tone and very rich.


Thai tamarind is known for excellent, exotic sour flavor. It grows on beautiful large trees, and comes in small pods (about an inch thick). The outer skin is a thick paper-like material, you simply peel and eat the flesh inside. We're pleased to offer this fresh, pure, natural imported tamarind for a very reasonable price. Each pack has 16 oz net weight, and contains approximately 20 pods. Steam sterilized for quality preservation. Ingredients: 100% sweet tamarind. Product of Thailand.